SQL New Blogger Challenge, November Edition, Week 1 Digest

Ed Leighton-Dick has renewed his New Blogger Challenge this month. Here are all (I think) the posts for this week after Ed posted his announcement. If I’ve missed any, please let me know and I’ll update.

Author Post
@arrowdrive Anders On SQL: First Timer Summit impressions.
@EdDebug Deploy SSDT INSERTS in Batches | the.agilesql.club
@EdDebug Looking at SSDT upgrade scripts | the.agilesql.club
@DBA_ANDY Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY: PASS Summit 2015 Recap
@eleightondick PASS Summit 2015 Highlights | The Data Files
@OliverAsmus PASS Summit 2015: My Experience | OliverAsmus.com
@EdDebug ScriptDom Visualizer | the.agilesql.club
@eleightondick SQL New Blogger Challenge: Looking back… and a new challenge! | The Data Files
@Clem1029 Tearing down the wall | SQLDEV@Clemsplace
@ALevyInROC Why Ask Why? – The Rest is Just Code
@rabryst The SQL Server Family

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