About Me

Andy Levy profile picAndy Levy is a geek, husband, father, geocacher & gratuitous consumer of satellite signals (not in that order). He has been in IT professionally for nearly two decades in web development, system integration and presently database administration..

In the past, I’ve attempted blogging but never stuck with it. I never found anything that I could do consistently that was both interesting for me to write and (hopefully) interesting for others to read. When I attended PASS Summit 2012, that changed. In talking to people there, I started forming ideas for some projects I could work on that would help me learn new ways to use the tools I’ve been using at work for years. And I decided that if I document it well along the way, I can blog about it and contribute something back to the community while I’m at it.

As I ramp up here, my style (if I have any) I’m sure will evolve and change as I get feedback & experience. I’m not a professional writer, and am my own editor, so things will probably be a bit rough at first. Please bear with me.

All words, statements, code and opinions presented here are mine and mine alone unless otherwise explicitly stated.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Ginger 2015-06-02 / 13:38

    What’s your name? I’d like to catch one of your talks, but you didn’t list your name on your about page.

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