SQL New Blogger Challenge Digest – Week 4

This week marks the end of Ed Leighton-Dick’s New Blogger Challenge. It’s terrific seeing everyone sticking with the challenge all month and I’m looking forward to catching up with all the posts. Great job, everyone! Keep going!

Author Post
@MtnDBA #SQLNewBlogger Week 4 – My 1st SQLSaturday session | DBA With Altitude
@Lance_LT “MongoDB is the WORST!” | Lance Tidwell the Silent DBA
@ceedubvee A Insider’s View of the Autism Spectrum: Autism and Information Technology: Big Data for Diagnosis
@Jorriss A Podcast Is Born
@toddkleinhans A Tale of SQL Server Disk Space Trials and Tribulations | toddkleinhans.com
@arrowdrive Anders On SQL: First “real” job with SQL.
@arrowdrive Anders On SQL: Stupid Stuff I have done. 2/?. Sometimes even a dev server is not a good dev environment
@way0utwest April Blogger Challenge 4–Filtered Index Limitations | Voice of the DBA
@ALevyInROC Are You Backing Everything Up? | The Rest is Just Code
@DesertIsleSQL Azure Data Lake: Why you might want one |
@EdDebug BIML is better even for simple packages | the.agilesql.club
@tpet1433 Corruption – The Denmark of SQL Instances – Tim Peters
@eleightondick Creating a Self-Contained Multi-Subnet Test Environment, Part II – Adding a Domain Controller | The Data Files
@MattBatalon Creating an Azure SQL Database | Matt Batalon
@pshore73 Database on the Move – Part I | Shore SQL
@pmpjr Do you wanna build a cluster?! | I have no idea what I’m doing
@DwainCSQL Excel in T-SQL Part 1 – HARMEAN, GEOMEAN and FREQUENCY | dwaincsql
@AalamRangi Gotcha – SSIS ImportExport Wizard Can Kill Your Diagrams | SQL Erudition
@toddkleinhans How Do Blind People Use SQL Server? | toddkleinhans.com
@DBAFromTheCold In-Memory OLTP: Part 4 – Native Compilation | The DBA Who Came In From The Cold
@AaronBertrand It’s a Harsh Reality – Listen Up – SQL Sentry Team Blog
@GuruArthur Looking back at April – Arthur Baan
@nocentino Moving SQL Server data between filegroups – Part 2 – The implementation – Centino Systems Blog
@MyHumbleSQLTips My Humble SQL Tips: Tracking Query Plan Changes
@m82labs Reduce SQL Agent Job Overlaps · m82labs
@fade2blackuk Rob Sewell on Twitter: “Instances and Ports with PowerShell http://t.co/kwN2KwVDOS”
@DwainCSQL Ruminations on Writing Great T-SQL | dwaincsql
@sqlsanctum Security of PWDCOMPARE and SQL Hashing | SQL Sanctum
@Pittfurg SQL Server Backup and Restores with PowerShell Part 1: Setting up – Port 1433
@cjsommer Using PowerShell to Export SQL Data to CSV. How well does it perform? | cjsommer.com
@gorandalf Using SSIS Lookup Transformation in ETL Packages | Gorandalf’s SQL Blog
@nicharsh Words on Words: 5 Books That Will Improve Your Writing

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